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Here is a little collection of my favourite oily supplies to get you started with your essential oil journey!


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home goodies

essential oil diffuser

Great diffuser for the living room

Ceramic/beechwood essential oil diffuser

Beautiful Marble

roller holder

15ml bottle marble

essential oil holder

diy goodies

10ml classic amber roller bottles

Perfect for making DIY sprays

Love these matte black bottles for all your DIY jobs

dymo label maker

The ultimate label maker for DIY

wool dryer ball for essential oils

Wool dryer balls

for natural fabric softener

rose hip oil for face serum

Rosehip oil for

skin serum and

sensitive skin

Pretty Coloured

Roller bottles

dropper bottle for essential oils

These guys are great for creating your own diffuser blends or skin serum.

Cute Vinyl labels

Castille Soap for

DIY recipes

coconut oil for essential oils


Coconut Oil for

your DIY's

Foaming pump

to fit on

mason jars

education and resources

‘Essential Life’ is my go-to reference book.


essential oil basic info book

Same as the big book but easier to carry with you.

Great book for supporting your hormones with oils.

keto diet, ketotarian, vegetarian, avocado

Great book for helping to decrease inflammation through diet

Health and wellness

Marine Collagen

I add this to

my smoothie


Maca powder

Energy boost I add

to my smoothie


Antioxidant support

Smart fat for

your body



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