How to BOGO with me!

buy one get one free

Did you know that doTERRA offers a few times a year an amazing essential oil promo called BOGO? It is a buy one, get one opportunity that is a great time to start your oil journey because this is the most inexpensive time to join our oil community and start stocking up on oils!

Here’s how you get started!
You’ll start by getting a wholesale account ($42CAD) which is just like a Costco card and will give you wholesale pricing (25% below retail) for the entire year! You won’t be required to purchase monthly, share/sell oils or fill any quotas. It’s simply a wholesale customer account.

doTERRA BOGO sales are released daily at midnight MST and will include one oil for purchase and you’ll get another for FREE. What’s really great is that you are able to purchase up to 5 of each deal per day…so stock up or get gifts for your friends and family!

We’ll post the BOGO offer each morning along with product info and usage tips on the Boheme Oils Wellness BOGO Facebook group.

To JOIN in time for BOGO, follow these steps:

Click HERE to fill in your info at doTERRA so we can get you started!
Select either Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.

The only difference is the ability to earn commission with the Wellness Advocate option!

Enter your contact info and create a password. Click continue.

On the next screen with the top scrolling feature, choose the Introductory Enrollment Kit ($42) in your language.

Choose a shipping option and then click “View Totals.”

Enter your payment info- double check that your billing postal code matches what your credit card has on file.

We have a great online community with members all over the world that can help support you along this wellness path. We love educating each other on these amazing oils.

After you’ve enrolled and joined our facebook members group you will get all the oily knowledge, tips and tricks!
That’s it!  You’re ready to start BOGOing!

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