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Hey for all you new lovelies here.. thought I would introduce myself! I am Kari and this is my doTERRA journey.

My dōTERRA story goes like this... I have been using essential oils for years but it wasn't until I discovered dōTERRA that my oil life was going to completely change. I was searching for something, and at a place in my life where I needed some self love and natural solutions to help me find my way. Once I had started using the essential oils, and supplements I was so taken by how my physical and mental health had improved I needed to share!

I am a natural entrepreneur and once I understood the power and purity of dōTERRA oils I knew I wanted to share these and empower others to build their natural solutions business.

This team, and community, is full of wicked people and I am happy to call them some of my best friends – I am so grateful to have met these amazing women and men.

The thing called the interweb is an amazing place! Here we get to love, educate, accept and support each other. I am so happy that this is a part of my journey.

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