How to manage Anxiety without using prescription drugs

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You probably know by now I have anxiety. It is something that I have dealt with for quite a few years. I have tried medication, which I didn't like to take and then 2 years ago I found essential oils.

Fast forward to this September in Utah... doTERRA announced a brand new line of products to help with mental wellness.

Introducing Adaptiv:

Adaptiv Oil Blend: perfect for diffusing, in the bath or adding to other oils to make a roller

Adaptiv Touch Roller: Perfect for daily "pure-fume" wear, rolling on feet at night or pulse points throughout the day

Adaptiv Capsules: Taken daily to help ease tension and boost your mood, these are a game changer! Only available in the US warehouse at the moment.

To say the least I am super stoked about this and they are now my fav new products! I did a video on our YouTube channel about these oils/supplements, check it out!

If you are someone that struggles with anxiety, stress, or just have a hard time dealing with daily life, I get it! Life is hard some times, I've been there. I am happy to share with you any tips and tricks I have learned.

If you want to purchase doTERRA at the wholesale price of 25% off: I created this custom starter collection for you which has the doTERRA products I mentioned above with a Lumo diffuser and will give you 1 year of shopping whenever you want at that wholesale price.

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